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Test: passing classes vs. arrays

Is there any penalty (either way) in passing class objects vs. arrays? Theoretically, they are semantically equivalent.

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The first test, "classes", was:

class Example
	var $x;

function example_class($x)
	$GLOBALS['dummy'] = $x->x;

$GLOBALS['test_object'] = new Example();
$GLOBALS['test_object']->x = 42;


The second test, "arrays", was:

function example_array($x)
	$GLOBALS['dummy'] = $x['x'];

$GLOBALS['test_array'] = array();
$GLOBALS['test_array']['x'] = 42;


Running: Linux (x86_64:1 GB) PHP (7.2.34-18+ubuntu16.04.1+deb.sury.org+1)